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Doula Day Support in Postpartum

Rest and recuperate with the assistance of Postpartum Doula Support

Doula Night Support in Postpartum

Labor and delivery are one of the most physically- and emotionally-draining things your body will ever experience. The average first-time mother labors for twelve hours before delivering, although some spend significantly longer in labor. Once your baby is born, however, the real joy AND tiredness sets in. You will not be physically and emotionally back to “yourself” for the first two to six weeks after delivery. While you are exhausted and needing sleep to regain mental sharpness, your little one needs to be fed and changed several time throughout the night. That’s exactly how a doula offering night support can help you during postpartum. Give yourself a much-needed break and call in MothersCare Doula. Your entire family will benefit from you being well-rested.

New mothers and fathers all over New Haven County and Fairfield County have been trusting MothersCare Doula for their day support for many years. We’ve cared for hundreds, if not thousands, of babies while they’re parents needed us the most. Our doulas “mother the Mother,” which means we do more much than just newborn care. We do whatever is necessary from the mother’s point of view so that she feels supported. This can be waking up with the baby so she can sleep, providing answers to questions about her newborn and breastfeeding, and even light household chores will the baby sleeps.

Many women, even those who use a doula for their labor and delivery, are unaware of the benefits a doula brings later as well. Would you like to access this help as well? We would love to help you and your family during the precious first weeks of life! Please call us at 203-375-5719 and you’ll be in touch with a gentle, caring doula right away.

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