Labor Support

MothersCare Labor Support Doulas provide ongoing emotional and physical support throughout
your active labor and delivery.

Emotional & Physical Support

Studies show that doulas can reduce the length of labor, decrease the likelihood of C-sections, and lessen the need for medications or interventions. For most of their time in the hospital, couples are unaccompanied by a doctor or nurse. We support couples throughout their labor to provide emotional and physical support.

Certified, Trained Doulas

Our Labor Doulas are certified and trained by DONA (Doulas of North America), and ALACE (Associates of Labor and Childbirth Education). We know the labor process, available medications, and comfort techniques for both mom and dad. Our doulas are nurturing, reliable and intuitive.

Positive Birth Experience

We work to implement your birth plan. We educate on pain medications and other interventions. We help moms that want a non-medicated birth with hands-on comfort techniques and other active strategies. Partners can participate at their comfort level while meeting the needs of the mother. We respect and work with the medical staff for you to have a happy delivery!