Postpartum Overnight Services

Rest and recuperate with the assistance of postpartum doula support.

Baby Care Through The Night

Get more sleep while trusting your baby to a nurturing doula from MothersCare. The doula will gently care for your baby as you outline. For nursing mothers, the doula will provide breastfeeding support (as needed), and change and settle the baby for you, allowing you more sleep.


For bottle feeding mothers, the doula will care for the baby exclusively during the night, allowing mom and dad to get a full-night’s sleep. The doula can take notes as to the baby’s feeding times and amounts, change diapers, make suggestions for encouraging sleep, wash bottles and prep formula for the coming day. We have an 8 hrs. minimum per night but no minimum number of nights. Try one night and see if it works for you!

Trusted for 20+ Years

MothersCare has been meeting the needs of postpartum families since 1993. We have an outstanding reputation of providing experienced, supportive and trustworthy doulas in CT. Our postpartum families get off to a good start with our overnight services which allows the family to sleep well knowing their baby is in experienced, kind hands.