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"I cannot recommend Mothers Care enough..."
“I cannot recommend Mothers Care enough and my husband and I feel so lucky that we found them. We were initially hesitant to work with a doula, but our entire perspective changed on day one. Our doula was incredibly caring, calming and an experienced voice who supported us during a physically and emotionally overwhelming time. She took care of us all and made everything seem more manageable. We can’t imagine this incredible journey without her and the amazing night doulas who were invaluable to us as well. My husband and I look back fondly and nostalgically on our time with mother’s care doulas who spent time with us and with our baby boy during a very special time.” – Lauren
"She really has a way of making the children feel special."
“I wanted to tell you that you have such a great group of women working for MothersCare. I had been working as a pediatric nurse for about 4 years (giving medicines and vaccines,triaging calls, etc…), I was surrounded by babies and children, and yet I’ve learned so much during these past couple weeks about my children and their development by listening to karen. She is a wealth of information and she has a true gift of understanding children. Watching some of her techniques with luc, my 1 year old, have truely inspired me. She really has a way of making the children feel special. Stella has had a natural way with them as well. I just met Chelsea, another wonderful person! I have been able to have total confidence in their care during these weeks of my recovery. That means a lot especially when if comes to trusting them with my kids”
“Our doula was exceptional.”
“Our doula was exceptional. A warm, sweet lady who was so helpful in these first exhausting weeks. She didn’t ask what we wanted her to do – she offered suggestions. I couldn’t think straight. She did all the right things.” – Lorraine
"Thanks for such a great week of help."
“Thanks for such a great week of help. Not only did you make life easier for a week, but Cyrus really enjoyed your company too. I feel so lucky that the doula agency chose you for me. I am so glad to have met you! I just downloaded The Monster at the End of This Book. It is really cute. This will help me cope with tomorrow… Ha ha ha. Also, I can’t remember the name of the chef with the cookbook app that you recommended – what is his name? Anyway, thanks again for all your help in “mothering the mother”. You really did make my transition into “mother of two” more palatable, as I was having major anxiety about it before you arrived. Now I feel calmer and will just take it one day at a time. Although I won’t be able to cook like you, though- your food is DIVINE. Oh well! I’ll just find my strengths and go with them.” – Shira
“Our doula was amazing – a real life-saver."
“Our doula was amazing – a real life-saver. She managed to clean up the kitchen, do laundry, give loving care to my baby and provide meals for me – all at the same time!” – Mary Kate
“I was more than hesitant...our doula quickly erased all reservations."
“I was more than hesitant at first to have a stranger in my home helping with my daughter. Our doula quickly erased all reservations. She was terrific. The four hours a week that our doula came was peace of mind for me.” – Randy C.
“Our doula was awesome in every way."
“Our doula was awesome in every way. We miss her. She’s unbelievably energetic and hard working and a great person as well. I’ve already recommended the service to a few people- it was a great experience.” – Meg M.
“I am so grateful for your help..."
“I am so grateful for your help after we came home from the hospital with our first baby. As an older mom and a working professional, I wanted to be sure we had our bearings before family visited from out of town. I also think that a mother’s well being in the first few weeks is just as important as caring for a newborn, something that differentiates you. The doulas at Mothers Care were so caring, knowledgeable and helpful in a non-judgmental way. Whether it was the support at night to get us through the feedings and comfort our baby to sleep, or help during the day to let me get some sleep and keep our home in order. Everyone helped me to find the mom within me. I also appreciated the continuous support with breast feeding and knowing what to expect and when. You also helped my husband bond with our daughter early on and find the dad within him. Thank you for everything, and we look forward to hiring Mother’s Care again when we need you next.” – Anna Z.
“My doula was superb...”
“My doula was superb- an excellent model for your service. Everything done to perfection and with great caring! Thank you.” – Anne S.
“The service was much more than I ever expected."
“The service was much more than I ever expected. I could never have enjoyed my daughter as much without my doulas help.” – Donna B.
"Having a doula made my transition into motherhood an easy one."
“I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how wonderful I think your service is. Having a doula made my transition into motherhood an easy one. My doula was kind and had a lot of great advice. I looked forward to seeing her each day and I really miss her now that she is gone. Every new mother should be fortunate enough to have such a caring doula as I had. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service and be sure to thank her for doing such a wonderful job!” – Linda G.
“Our doula was wonderful! My children LOVED spending time with her!"
“Our doula was wonderful! My children LOVED spending time with her! She really made my transition from 3 to 4 easy.” – Laura
“My 2 year old loved our doula!"
“My 2 year old loved our doula! She was wonderful to work with and took the initiative to do things I hadn’t even asked.” – Jennifer B.
"Our doula helped me have the break that I needed..."
“My husband travels a lot and our doula helped me have the break that I needed not worrying about the care of my newborn son.” – Nancy S.
"I would highly recommend your service to anyone!"
“Having our doula allowed me to spend quality time with my new son and gave me great peace of mind that my 2 year old was in very good hands. It was also very helpful to have someone around who could answer many questions and concerns right away. It also gave me a chance to ease into my new role as mother of two. I would highly recommend your service to anyone! It was worth every dime!” – Sabrina D.


Labor support

Labor Support

Studies show continuous support during labor results in fewer C-Sections. Happy birth!

Day Services

Every new mom needs rest and practical in-home help after delivery. More joy!
Overnight Services

Overnight Services

A night or two (or more) of sleep can help you both through the early weeks. More sanity!