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Postpartum Doula: Easing the Transition

Postpartum Support

While a pregnant mom is given good prenatal care and preparation for labor, she is often not prepared for the reality of the Postpartum Period. You may find that you will not be physically and emotionally “yourself” for the first two to six weeks after delivery. During your postpartum period, it can help to have a Postpartum Doula. A Postpartum Doula assists with:

    • Newborn care and  instruction
    • Breastfeeding support/information
    • Emotional support
    • Care of siblings(including feeding, playing, driving to school or other activities, and giving practical advice on sibling adjustment
    • Cooking meals
    • Light housework

(including washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, laundry and everyday picking up)

  • Shopping and other errands

During the Postpartum period you will naturally have limitations.  Your body will be healing from delivery, your hormones will be raging, trying resettle to pre-pregnancy levels, and emotionally you will find you are more sensitive.  Having a baby is a lot to process!  Having a nurturing Postpartum doula can help ease the transition for every member of the family.

If you need a MothersCare Overnight Doula she can assist with:

  • Care for baby/babies as mom outlines
  • Help with breastfeeding if mom is nursing, as needed.
  • Feed the baby formula/breastmilk during the night
  • Change and settle the baby
  • Clean bottles and make formula; clean pumping supplies
  • Keep a log during the night so parents  will know how the baby/babies slept/settled
  • Give advice on helping the baby to sleep

If you’d like to schedule some postpartum support, give MothersCare a call or fill out our support form on our website.  There is no minimum you have to contract for.  You can have one day or many.  Most families start out with what they think they need and add-on as they see how things are going.  Our Services at MothersCare are very flexible as we know you do not always know what you’ll need until the baby arrives.  Some families reserve in advance (recommended) and some families call last minute if they find they don’t have the support they need.  Our number is 203-375-5719.

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