Twins — How to Manage the First Few Weeks

Having twins takes the joy and anxiety of having a baby to a whole new level!  The common reaction parents have when finding out they will be having twins is excitement and concern about caring for two babies at once. If you will be first-time parent of twins, concern and focus will be on their […]

Overnight Doulas: Benefits, Duties & Support

Bringing home a newborn is full of excitement, relief and joy. It also can be stressful, overwhelming and exhausting. An overnight doula can relieve the stress, provide calm assistance and allow parents to recharge themselves with rest and a good night’s sleep! What do Overnight Doulas do? If the mom is nursing, the doula will: […]

Choosing a Labor Support Doula For Your Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The thought of giving birth can be overwhelming for most people. Why? Isn’t it a natural event? Won’t the hospital take care of everything? To the last two questions – yes and no! While it is a natural event, you won’t be in a natural environment to give birth. Birthing in […]

What is a Night Doula?

Postpartum night doulas provide in-home overnight support for the family of a newborn. What does a night doula do? The role of the doula at night is baby care and mom support (if needed). If the mother is nursing her baby, the doula can help with nursing if needed. The doula will change, settle and […]

What Does a Doula Do? The Benefits of Hiring a Doula

There are two types of doulas – one for supporting a couple during labor, the other for supporting the postpartum woman and her family once she gets home from the hospital. Both types of doulas meet the needs of the family that are not being met in the hospital during labor or at home during […]

Postpartum Doula Costs, Services & Pricing

The cost of doulas varies within the field. There are both Doula Agencies and Independent Doulas which allows for a wide difference in cost. Doulas are trained in the “normal.” They are non-medical support persons. A good doula is instinctively nurturing, has a calm manner, has the ability to gently encourage, has good teaching skills, […]

Night Nurses in Connecticut

Sleep Through the Night One of the most challenging things about having a new baby is sleep deprivation.  Many new parents are surprised and dismayed as to how little sleep they will get once the baby comes home.  A newborn’s need to feed and how often it needs to feed will have a huge impact […]

Postpartum Care Plan: Recovery Tips For New Mothers

When a woman is expecting she will find much information about caring for herself during pregnancy and preparing for labor. She will be watched and monitored through both of these phases of giving birth. One thing sorely lacking in the process, though, is preparing a new mother for her postpartum. The reality of the postpartum […]

Preventing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Many expectant mothers worry about having postpartum depression which often reveals itself as intense anxiety. If a pregnant woman has a family member who has experienced it or if a woman has experienced depression in her own life, she may have some real concerns. While all postpartum depression/anxiety may not be able to be completely […]

Doulas vs. Midwives: Which One Do You Need?

If you are pregnant, the thought of delivery can be a bit overwhelming. If it is your first baby, it can be the fear of the unknown. Second time moms often are trying to improve on their first birth experience which may have been disappointing or unsatisfactory. Do I need a labor doula or a […]