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Postpartum Doula Day Services in New Haven, CT

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If you are an expecting mother, you have probably put a lot of planning and preparation into your pregnancy and delivery. Have you thought about afterwards though? Many new mothers are not prepared for the physical and emotional reality of their postpartum period. You will not be “yourself” for the first two to six weeks after delivery, and it is important to know this in advance and to prepare for it. You will physically and emotionally need time to heal and adjust to having your baby.

MothersCare Doula Services offers nurturing, and experienced postpartum doulas during the day or overnight. A doula eases the adjustment for a new mom and her family. A doula can answer questions and provide guidance about your newborn, help with breastfeeding, and provide practical help for the whole family which may include laundry, light housework, meal preparation, shopping or other errands and sibling care. We love to give a new mom time for a nap!

Your Postpartum Doula can come during any day or night of the week, with no minimum commitment. Whether you need a Postpartum Doula for the first few weeks as you recover or when your partner returns back to work for a few days or weeks, one of our experienced doulas can provide the support you may find you need.

We can be reached by calling (203) 375- 5719. Please call us for any questions you may have or if you’d like to schedule a MothersCare Doula Services. While advanced reserving of a doula is recommended, it is also possible to call us after the baby arrives if you see that you need additional support.

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