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Postpartum Doula in Fairfield CT

While most expecting mothers around Fairfield, CT are given good prenatal care and preparation for labor, many are not prepared for the reality of their postpartum period. During your postpartum your body needs to heal from delivery physically, your breasts begin to make milk for your baby, and emotionally we need to adjust to being a new mom of either our first baby or to adjust to bringing a new baby home to his/her siblings. There is a lot going on both physically and emotionally when you have a baby. If a new mom starts to prematuraly expend additional energy by physically doing things for her family, she will find that it may hinder some of her healing and adjustment that are needed during postpartum. The result of doing too much, too early in your postpartum is that you may bleed more, produce less milk, cry more and maybe lose patience with your family. We do have limits when we have a baby! A Postpartum Doula from MothersCare Doula Services will support a new mom during her postpartum by providing some emotional support, breastfeeding guidance, help with the newborn and practical help in the home for everyone in the family such as laundry, making meals, light housework, errands and sibling care.

Mothers Care Doula Services offers nurturing, experienced Postpartum Doulas who can lessen your stress and the stress on the family that naturally happens as everyone adjusts to the new family member. Allow us to ease the adjustment while increasing the joy your new baby will bring to your family.

The practice of supporting a woman during her postpartum is quite common throughout history and still practiced by many cultures today. The word “doula” comes from a Greek word that describes a woman assigned to help another woman during her child bearing years through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Cultures who respect and support mothers during the postpartum period often do not have words for postpartum depression and experience fewer nursing problems. These postpartum rituals where new mothers are given physical and emotional support give the new moms a chance to heal,and to learn and adjust to their new role as mother. Everyone benefits from the short-term support.

If a Postpartum mother allows herself a couple of weeks to really step back from her life, she will find that she will heal sooner, her nursing will go better, and her mood will be happier. The adjustment of the whole family will be impacted in this supported environment! Your postpartum doula from MothersCare Doula Services can can come during the day or overnight, with no minimum commitment. Many moms set-up services in advance of their due date, others call last minute when they see that they need more help than they thought! We are here if you need us. Please call 203-375-5719 to get more information.

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