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Doula Services New Haven Connecticut

Labor Support

A labor support doula is present to provide continuous physical and emotional support for the child-bearing couple. Studies have proven several benefits to having continuous female support, which include a shorter period of labor, less C-Sections and less use of other drugs and interventions.

Postpartum Support

All of our doulas are trained in infant CPR and proper handling techniques. Nonetheless, we are a non-medical service. The services that we do offer are those that have been found most beneficial to the new mother and her family. These include newborn care, newborn care instruction, breastfeeding support, sibling care and household help. Household help could mean a great number of things, such as light housekeeping, laundry for the whole family, meal preparation, errands and grocery shopping.

On-Call Labor Babysitting

On-call labor babysitting is a service for families without resources for childcare when a couple needs to go to the hospital for the delivery of their baby. This service provides a doula to be on-call for the family.

Overnight Services

Overnight services are available to families who prefer nighttime care of newborns or for breastfeeding support overnight. If a baby is bottle fed, the doula will feed, change and settle the baby during the night.

In Home Massage

For the pregnant and postpartum woman, and everyone else too! Massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and promote a feeling of well-being. It will ease the discomfort of pregnancy and help a postpartum mom feel supported emotionally and physically.

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