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Labor Support Services New Haven CT

Labor Support Services

Our labor support rate in New Haven is $950. It includes an initial visit to get to know the doula and for her to find out information about you and your spouse. It allows you to see if you are comfortable with her and to see if she will be a good “fit” for you. She will learn what your ideal birth would be and she will explain how she can help you to achieve that.

If you decide you would like to work with her, she can be reached any time to answer questions that may come up prior to your labor. Once you are in active labor, she will either meet you at the hospital or meet you at your home if you prefer. She stays with you during the entire process. She will provide you with information and comfort as your labor progresses. She can help you or your spouse to ask questions if the doctor wants to give you either medicine or any type of intervention to see if you have any options. We are an important missing piece that New Haven hospitals lack which is an on-going support person. We respect the medical staff and will not contradict them but help you to make informed choices about your birth as it progresses. Sometimes you may have options and sometimes you may not. The doula will help you to figure out which is which. She will provide you privacy when the baby arrives and help you to get off to a good start with breastfeeding right in the delivery room if you are planning to nurse. She will stay with you until you are comfortably settled in your recovery room and ready to take a nap!

A doula does not take the place of your spouse but will help him to participate at his comfort level. She will give him suggestions on ways he can help you. Some spouses get overwhelmed in the hospital setting and during labor. The doula will step in where he may leave off. The support for the mate is invaluable. It allows him time to get a bite to eat or take a nap if your labor is long. Most first-time labors take an average of 24 hrs. from start to finish!

The doula takes notes and can take pictures if you’d like. She will come by after you are home from the hospital and go over the birth with you, leaving you with a positive feeling of closure. We do live with our birth experiences for all of our life. A doula’s role is to help the couple have a positive birth experience!

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you’d like to meet one of our doulas serving New Haven, Connecticut!

Thank you for your inquiry!

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