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New Haven Lactation & Postpartum Preparation Services CT

Lactation Support and Postartum Preparation

Are you prepared for breastfeeding? “It’s natural isn’t it? It can’t be too hard!” or “I’m going to try.”

Most women have said either one or the other statements above. For the majority of women, breastfeeding, especially the first baby, is a challenge mainly because we are not prepared for the reality of what breastfeeding a newborn will involve.

Knowing what to expect ahead of time will go a long way in getting breastfeeding off to a good start and it will help to prevent many of the common problems that many moms have when they get home with their new baby in New Haven, CT. It will help you to be successful at nursing your baby and allow you to enjoy breastfeeding!

*Did you know that most breastfeeding problems stem from what happens (or doesn’t happen) in the hospital at birth?

Prenatal Lactation Counseling:

The Lactation counselor will come to your home and provide practical direction on what to do at the birth of your baby, what to expect days 1 – 5 and going forward. She will also provide videos to see clearly what to expect at birth so that you can avoid the problems that often occur when a mom doesn’t know what to do at delivery. (How would you know? You have never had a baby before! Knowledge is power especially in the case of breastfeeding a baby! Dad’s are welcome to learn too! This class can also be helpful for 2nd time moms who did not have a good experience with breastfeeding the first time.

$75.00/2 hr.session

IN-Home Lactation Services:

Our Lactation Counselor will come to your home after the baby arrives and provide breastfeeding assistance. This is especially helpful during the first week of breastfeeding when you may feel at a loss as to how to solve any breastfeeding issues you may be having combined with the difficulty leaving your home with a newborn to get assistance.


Postpartum Preparation Class with combined Lactation Preparation

In addition to Lactation preparation, this session will help you understand the reality of postpartum on you physically and emotionally, as well as on your family members and how to prepare for it. If you have other children, it will provide practical advice on helping your toddler to adjust to his/her a new baby. If you are bottle-feeding only, this session will teach you about proper formula preparation techniques that the manufactures do not tell you as well as other bottle-feeding tips that will help you to know if you are feeding the baby correctly.

Postpartum should be a time of wonder and joy. Yet, if you ask most mothers postpartum it is often difficult, confusing and exhausting. Learning what to expect and being prepared will help avoid a lot of the “angst” of the postpartum period and help adjustment at this time to be a much happier for everyone in the family.

*Moms who’d like to share the cost can have pregnant friends join for an afternoon to learn and have fun together. Price per person will depend on the number of attendees.


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