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On-Call Sibling Care in New Haven Connecticut

On-Call Sibling Care During Labor

On-call sibling care during labor is a service for families without resources for childcare when a couple needs to go to the hospital for the delivery of their baby.

Many families, especially in New Haven, have little family or friends in the area who can come and stay with siblings when the mom goes into labor. This service provides a doula to be “on-call” so that when the mom goes into labor, the doula will come and stay with the older children for whatever amount of time is needed. The doula will meet the family prior to being put “on-call”. The parents will give her an outline on the children’s schedule, their food likes and dislikes, and other pertinent details about their children.

If a family needs a doula at 2 am or 2 pm the doula is on-call and available.

Please contact MothersCare for rates and scheduling information.

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