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Overnight Child Care New Haven ,CT

Rest and recuperate with the assistance of Postpartum Doula Support

Overnight Services

Overnight services are available to families in New Haven who prefers nighttime care of newborns or for breastfeeding support overnight.

An Overnight Doula assists the breastfeeding mom during feedings or cares for the baby through the night. If a breastfeeding mother is newly home from the hospital, the doula can help the mom with latching or other breastfeeding issues during the night feedings. The doula will change the baby and settle the baby for the mom, thus shortening the mother’s awake time. Once breastfeeding is established, moms will often pump breast milk for the night feedings. The doula will care for the baby and the mom will be able to get longer stretches of sleep.

For bottle-feeding moms, the Doula will care for the baby overnight allowing the mom to sleep. During the night, our doula will keep track on how the baby behaves so that the mom is aware of his sleeping routine, etc. The doula will nap between feedings.

Our overnight services are a minimum of 8 hrs/night.

There are no minimum nights required to contract. You can have one night or many. Some families schedule consecutive nights, others have a doula every other night and some just use us the first few nights home with the baby.

Our overnight services are very flexible.

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