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MothersCare Labor Support In CT Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford, Counties


Why use a Labor Support Doula to attend your birth? The benefits of having a labor support doula during your labor has been well documented*. The goal of a MothersCare Labor Support Doula is to help you and your partner to have a positive birth experience. We live with our birth memories for our entire lives. A doula reduces fear and anxiety, provides emotional support, practical information and techniques that will provide comfort and lessen the pain or intensity of contractions.

Training and Area Covered

If you are a Fairfield, New Haven or Hartford County mom we have labor doulas serving those area families and hospitals. Our doulas are trained through DONA (Doulas of North America) and ALACE (Associates of Labor and Childbirth Education).They are supportive of the couple’s choices and have respect for the Medical Staff of the Hospital.

Support of Partner

A Doula will not take the place of your spouse or partner but will “pick-up” where he leaves off. So depending on your partner, the doula can help him participate at his comfort level. If he wants to be the main support person, the doula will give him suggestions on how best to help you. Some partners get overwhelmed in the hospital setting so the doula will support you from wherever he leaves off. A doula also allows the partner to take a nap or get a bite to eat so that you aren’t left alone. We’ve never had a spouse think after the birth that the doula was not needed or appreciated!

Pain Management

This is your birth! The doula will find out on the prenatal visit if you want a non-medicated or medicated birth. She will help you to achieve whatever you decide. Sometimes the intensity of labor can get a bit overwhelming for a mom who wants a non-medicated birth. The doula can be very advantageous in helping the mom manage the labor intensity. With encouragement and with helping the mom understand where she is in the process it can often help a mom push through and have the birth she envisioned. If during the labor, the mom changes her mind and decides she does want medication the doula does not make a judgement about it. She will help the mom to get what she needs. Moms who have decided in advance of labor that they will use medicine will be helped to get that as needed as well. Our doulas don’t have their own agenda for your birth!

Medical Staff

Our Doulas are respectful of the medical staff at any facility where they are attending a birth. Hospitals and Doctors typically have a protocol as to when and how things are progressing. So if a Doctor suggests, for example (in the case of a mom who may be slow to progress) for her to take Pitocen, the doula will help the parents to ask questions. “Are you concerned about the welfare of the baby?” “Would it be okay to labor a little longer?”. If there is a medical reason for the intervention then, of course, there are no questions to be asked! If, however, it is more about the rate of progression with the labor, often you have some leeway you may have not been aware of and you will be allowed to wait a little longer allowing some of the techniques the doula has been trained in to help the labor continue to progress.

After Delivery

Immediately after the baby’s delivery, the doula can assist with the start of breastfeeding. Often breastfeeding problems can be avoided when dad, mom and baby are allowed some alone time. The doula will help facilitate good latching and give the new mom advice on breastfeeding those first days in the hospital and when she gets home. These early tips will go a long way to helping mom avoid many of the common problems new mothers commonly face with breastfeeding.

Postpartum Visit

The doula will arrange to stop by within a few weeks of the birth to go over the birth in detail with you and bring any pictures she may have taken (if requested by the family). She will help Mom and Dad to feel good about the birth and leave it in a positive light. Even if delivery is a result of a necessary Caesarean Section, parents need to know how it all worked out for the best.

*See Article on Benefits of Labor Support

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