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Doula Day Support in Postpartum

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Rest and recuperate with the assistance of Postpartum Doula Support

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Doula Day Support in Postpartum

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Many women, even those who use a doula for their labor and delivery, are unaware of the benefits a postpartum doula once the baby comes home. The first few weeks of your baby’s life are absolutely crucial, but you won’t be 100% yet yourself. The reality is that you will not be physically and emotionally back to normal for the first two to six weeks after delivery. It’s difficult to establish nursing, care for your baby, and get the rest you need. Postpartum moms need someone to care for them as well. That’s exactly how a doula offering day support can help you during postpartum.

Years ago, and even currently in some other cultures, postpartum mothers were relieved of their family and household responsibilities for a few weeks or even months after delivering a baby. This allowed the new mom time to heal and rest. Cultures who respect and support mothers during the postpartum period often do not have words for postpartum depression, and fewer or no nursing problems.Unfortunately, our culture does not have these practices as mainstream, and therefore a lot of undue physical and emotional stress is placed on new parents. Your postpartum can be joyful and restful. A Postpartum Doula from MothersCare can lessen your anxiety, provide guidance and care for your newborn and provide practical help in the home for the whole family. Having short-term support during postpartum will increase the joy and lessen the stress of bringing your new son or daughter home!

Our doulas “mother the Mother,” which means we do more much than just newborn care. We do whatever is necessary from the mother’s point of view so that she feels supported. We can answer questions about her newborn, help with breastfeeding issues, care for the baby, and provide practical help for the whole family such as cooking, light housework, shopping, laundry, and caring for the needs of older siblings.

New mothers and fathers all over New Haven County and Fairfield County have been trusting MothersCare Doula Services for their day support for over 20 years, so we’ve cared for hundreds if not thousands of babies while their parents got some needed rest and support while adjusting to their new baby.Do you have anyone helping you during your postpartum?? We are here if you need some support! You can use a doula to fill-in if you have some family help but not enough. We have no minimum days that you have to contract for! Please call us at 203-375-5719 if you have any questions or if you’d like to know how to reserve a doula for your postpartum!

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